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Job Injury Attorneys — Job Injury Attorneys

Job Injury Attorneys

Welcome to the most comprehensive site dealing with Job Injuries and Workers Compensation. Our team is experienced in dealing with people who have been injured on the job. We have found that most people don’t know what to do when they are hurt while they are working.

Innocent people are seriously injured on the job every day. When you get hurt on the job you must act quickly. Every state has different laws regarding job injuries because the law of workers compensation is regulated by each individual state. That means your rights in New York may be completely different then in California. The only way you can protect your rights is if you know what your rights are.

In most states, you have right to see a doctor that is paid for by Workers Compensation insurance company. The workers compensation carrier is not your health insurance and you must make sure the right insurance company pays for your care.

You also have a right to get paid if you can’t work. Unfortunately, most states will not allow any doctor to remove you from the job. You must either have a “light duty” or “no work status” from an authorized workers compensation doctor.

Although most workers compensation insurance companies will never tell you this information, you have a right to settle your workers compensation claim for a lump sum tax free settlement. This settlement is not based on pain and suffering but rather future medical costs and future indemnity.

You cannot rely on the “boss” to take care of you and your family. The workers compensation company is not your friend and even if they sound like they want to help you, they don’t want you to succeed.
After you report the injury, demand to be seen by a doctor. You must see a doctor approved by the workers compensation carrier. It will not help your case to go to a walk in clinic or doctor that is not approved.

Once you report your injury to a supervisor and see a doctor, it is extremely important to contact the Legal Health Network before you do anything else. Evidence disappears, memories fade and witnesses move out of town. Get everything documented now so that you and your family are protected later. If you need help, call the number on your screen and speak to a Legal Health Network lawyer today.

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